OptionsPlay, LLC, a leading invest-tech company providing platforms for individual investors, discount brokers, advisors and asset managers, announces today a formal partnership with DLBS, led by Paul Chan and Catherine Lin. DLBS will soon be the world’s first Online Knowledge Sharing Platform to provide free video based Options Training in Mandarin, as well as English. Paul Chan brings his expertise in options trading and decades of Canadian B2B business development to the OptionsPlay platforms.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with DLBS” said Mark Engelhardt, OptionsPlay CEO. “Paul and Catherine bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will leverage OptionsPlay success in the US.  Canada option volumes have grown dramatically, requiring Wealth Advisors and Individual Investors to better understand how to effectively trade and manage their positions.  OptionsPlay has been helping major wealth advisor and brokerage firms in the US drive higher options volumes while generating higher returns for themselves and their clients.”

Paul Chan has more than 25 years of Data Storage experience as President of Storageflex Inc, a manufacturer of Network Data Storage Solutions for Private and Public Cloud Computing. This experience will be leveraged into an exciting new venture into the growing Options Trading Universe. He also has experience in portfolio risk management as well as analytical skills in equity-related (derivative) instruments.

“I have devoted my career to data storage,” said Paul Chan. “With recent trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain, all of these innovations are based on data analytics. It’s a logical evolution of my career to next focus on OptionsPlay, which is the perfect tool to give investors of any level of confidence and ability, to initiate options positions as a trading, income or hedging strategy while understanding the associated risk and reward. With OptionsPlay’s extensive American client base and market acceptance in the wealth and self-directed areas, I am confident I can help them grow even further for Canada. OptionsPlay has a clear vision of their future and I plan on being a key contributor.”

The OptionsPlay platform provides advisors and individual investors with consistently higher returns through its automated income strategies, noting over 85% winning strategies with an overall average of more than 3.8% additional return over the underlying stock performance. With the growth in digital investing and the deadline for the DoL fast approaching, firms are searching hard for ways to provide their clients with higher returns that are compliant with all regulatory requirements. OptionsPlay forces compliance through its rules-based approach.

OptionsPlay offers a suite of solutions, helping all types of investors and advisors to produce the most optimized returns from their client portfolios. In addition, OptionsPlay provides:

Optimized Income Generation to meet your client or company’s investment requirements

  • Increased AUM by generating additional yield on existing assets
  • Assured Compliance with your firm, client and DoL regulations through customizable risk management.
  • Automated Portfolio Alerts delivered to your inbox daily
  • Optimized Position Risk Management identifying optimal times to generate additional income or protect against assignment due to factors including dividends

To learn more about OptionsPlay, visit http://www.optionsplay.com

About OptionsPlay, LLC

Headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ, OptionsPlay is a highly successful invest-tech company, bringing a new level of innovation to financial services, with the common goal of transforming the way investors think about trading. OptionsPlay Ideas and OptionsPlay Portfolio are products in a suite of OptionsPlay tools, providing automated optimized trade entry and position management. The mission of OptionsPlay is to bring the analytical tools and trading techniques of Wall Street options traders into powerful and easy-to-use solutions for all investors. Financial institutions can implement OptionsPlay products to generate new revenue and build stronger customer relationships. For more information visit http://www.optionsplay.com or contact us at 855-557-5297.

About DLBS Inc

Paul Chan and Catherine Lin are co-founders of DLBS. Launching in the summer of 2018, DLBS.ca will be the world’s first Online Knowledge Sharing Platform to provide free video based Options Training in Mandarin, as well as English. We believe knowledge should be shared, not sold. We strive to empower all Options enthusiasts with the freedom and confidence to learn more about such powerful and safe investing strategies, at no cost. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before considering any option transaction, please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.